FOSSASIA is an organization supporting developers and makers of Open Technologies in Asia established in 2009. Fossasia develop software applications for social change using a wide-range of technologies. Projects range from Free and Open Source software, to design, graphics and hardware. The members organize and participate in conferences, meetups and code camps. The annual FOSSASIA OpenTechSummit is one of the largest gatherings of developers in Asia and took place in Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore. More details about Fossasia can be found out on official website.

Project Abstract: Open Event Webapp

This summer, I have worked on Open Event Webapp Project. The project has two components a) a event website generator and b) the actual generated website output. The website generator application can generate event websites by getting data from event JSON files and binary media files, that are stored in a compressed zip file.I have worked from scratch and added core functionalities to the generator and also on the actual frontend provided to the user. The Webapp generator also has support of a Rest API. Websites that are generated by the "web app generator" can be uploaded to any web location, e.g. on Github pages or any server (e.g. via ftp).

Mentor : Mario Behling, Justin Lee

Work Completed:

OpenEvent Webapp Repository (Core Project)

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OpenTechSummit Repository (Supported Work)

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Live Version

Open Event Generator

Sample Generated Webapp

Work still going on:

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Local Meetups

During GSOC we organised two local meetups at Coding Blocks, New Delhi India. The first meetup focus was to aware participants about Open-Source technologies and Fossasia projects. The second meetup was in association with Google Developers Group, New Delhi focussed on helping developers to understand OpenEvent and use open event to generate their event webapps and android apps. We have many developers on board after the meetups who have started contributing to OpenEvent project.

Photos of Meetup

Daily Progress Report